Leisure activities

Győr and its surroundings there are several horse parks, a water skiing track in Ikrény, and numerous other sports facilities in Győr.

The Püspökerdő in Győr is a popular destination for nature lovers. The 9-kilometre-long walking trail features a forest gym and games, while the nature trail shows the flora and fauna in their natural habitat.

Pannonhalma Benedictine Abbey, the most important monastery of the Benedictine order in Hungary, founded in 996 by the Grand Prince Géza, has been a World Heritage Site since 1996.
(25 km). The Abbey has a guided tour of the church, the lower church, the cloister and the library. Thanks to the revival of the Abbey’s wine-growing tradition, the Abbey Winery has been open to visitors since March 2004, where they can also taste the renowned wines of the Pannonhalma – Sokoróalja wine region.

It’s worth exploring the beauty of the Szigetköz (40-50 km) on hiking, water, cycling and horse riding tours. The biggest attraction of the Szigetköz is its extremely rich and varied wildlife, a true paradise for water tours, anglers and cycling enthusiasts.

Walking flight from Pér (18 km). A truly unique experience for those who want to discover Győr and its surroundings from a bird’s eye view.

Active holidaymakers will not be disappointed either, as 5 km from Hotel Weldi you will find the Rába Quelle Thermal and Adventure Spa, where indoor and outdoor thermal pools, adventure pools, slides, various wellness services, massage and aqua gymnastics provide physical and mental refreshment for both young and old.

The Xantus János Zoo, opened in 1967, currently houses more than 500 animals of over 100 species – www.zoogyor.hu

Mobilis Interactive Exhibition – where you can get a glimpse into the mysterious world of vehicle manufacturing and the physics of motion, where you can be dazzled by entertaining and spectacular science shows several times a day – mobilis.gyor.hu

Győr Philharmonic Orchestra

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Győr National Theatre

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Vaskakas Puppet Theatre

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