Cultural programmes

Győr is not only a city of water, but also a city of culture and active recreation. Here are some great activities for you to enjoy.

Győr Spring Festival

The Győr Spring Festival is an all-round arts festival that includes music, theatre, dance and exhibitions. The two-week festival begins with a street parade in the spirit of the cultic winter celebration and spring expectation. The most prestigious event of the festival is the Győr International Swing Festival. This percussion showcase is unique in Hungary, as not only one genre but all styles of percussion music are represented at the event, from classical music to world, ethnic, jazz and experimental, contemporary performances.

Jazz Terrace on Széchenyi Square in Győr

Every second Sunday from May to August, every second Sunday in Győr’s Széchenyi Square, you can enjoy a pleasant, catchy jazz music experience. Outstanding artists of the Hungarian jazz and music scene will form a unique formation, inviting the audience to a joyful music.

Music Pavilion concerts

One of the long-standing musical events in our city is the Győr Music Pavilion, a series of concerts at the Music Pavilion on Radó Island. The roots of the event go back to the first decade of the 20th century and recall the world of the popular promenades and the heyday of military music.

Four Seasons Festival

The Four Seasons Festival is the name of the city of Győr’s many events, with prestigious events and season-opening and season-closing concerts throughout the year. The all-round arts festival series encompasses all kinds of entertainment, be it concerts, theatre, festivals, exhibitions, gastronomy or children’s programmes, and there are sure to be plenty of them in the Four Seasons Festival Győr!

Dance Biennale and Hungarian Dance Festival

Győr is the home of the Dance Festival in even-numbered years and the Dance Biennale in odd-numbered years, where both Hungarian and international companies perform.

Saint László Days

The era of St. László was one of the most prominent periods in Hungarian history, with the establishment of internal peace. King László’s life and reign are almost a thousand years away, yet he still has a message for us. Until recently, the legacy he left us has been primarily ecclesiastically significant in our city. An important virtue of the programme is that the figure of King Saint Lazarus, with the hermas preserved here, is clearly linked to Győr. The concept of the event is well illustrated by the historical period, the Middle Ages, and the figure of the king, who in Hungarian history is linked with the concepts of chivalry, valour and honesty. The events of the festival will take place in the historic city centre and on the Golden Coast. The majority of the invited productions are surrounded by period scenery and are popular attractions.

Summer Music Evenings on the banks of the Rába

In July, the Győr Water Stage will host a series of high-quality performances at its Summer Musical Evenings on the banks of the Rába.


Can you imagine a city where the streets and squares become a free playground for three days? Can you imagine a city where every child and adult smiles for 3 days? Can you imagine a city with 1000 free activities for children in 10 locations for 3 days? 1000 activities in 10 locations, no pocket money needed, it’s free! Every year on the first weekend of July, Győr hosts the Győr Stone Festival for children, with a colourful programme and lots of free games. The entry fee is your smile, what you bring with you on your face and a photo of yourself, for which you will receive a Győrkőc bracelet, which gives you free play opportunities at all the Győrkőcfestival events!

Baroque Magic

A unique spectacle in the country, the Baroque Magic event series offers a colourful cavalcade of costumes in the historic city centre. In addition to the evening programme, during the day there are concerts, fairground comedies and performances, culminating in the Baroque Wedding ceremony.

Győr Wine Days, Wine, Wine Horseman and Gastronomic Festival

The streets of the city centre are transformed into cosy taverns and wine bars, creating a pleasant atmosphere for the festival.

Festival of Hungarian Traditions

Dance, music and folklore in abundance at the Hungarian Traditions Festival of Győr, part of the Festival of Guilds, and what better way to accompany the events than with the Győr Pálinka Festival! For a very busy weekend, downtown Győr becomes the centre of Hungarian tradition, where you can eat, drink, hear and see the best of Hungarian traditions. Pálinka stalls, cafés, craft stalls and fairs, dance performances and concerts guarantee that Hungarian virtue will not be compromised.

Győr Winter Festival

The Győr Winter Festival, part of the Four Seasons Festival series, is the city’s unadulterated Christmas greeting, traditionally opening with a festive show on the Town Hall Square. The ornately lit streets and squares lend a magnificent atmosphere to the Advent events. Tens of thousands of lights in the beautifully decorated downtown area shed the holiday lights and the festive atmosphere is further enhanced by the candle-lighting in the city centre every Sunday afternoon, but also by the classical and popular music concerts, cultural programmes and, of course, the Advent market.